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Things to Think About When you are Hiring a Realtor

When Thinking About Hiring A Realtor.

Many people assume they know what they are doing when they meeting a Realtor.  The internet has made people “experts” in so many ways! Here are few tips that will help make finding keeping and having a successful relationship with your Realtor possible!


Interview more than one!  You don’t have to work with your cousin Fred’s fiancé, you don’t HAVE to work with the guy who has his shiny smile on the back of all the buses. You can interview as many realtors as you like to find the fit that works for you. Ask the questions you need answered. Make sure you are clear with your expectations. So interview away!  Just do not interview more that one realtor at a time!


Going to Open Houses is part of the buying process.  Seeing a new listing sign or wandering into an Open House is something that  to be a should be part of your buying experience. If you are working with a realtor there are a few professional practices to observe.  Any calling or corresponding with the Listing Agent should be done through your realtor and remember, handing over a business card or making mention of your realtor when you enter an Open House is expected.  Your realtor is working for you.  Let them be aware and a part of your buying experience.


Real Estate Agents work on commission.  They get paid when you buy or sell your home.  If you don’t buy or sell they do not get paid. Regardless of the work they have done, the time they have invested, or money they have spent on marketing.  No apology needed. Every realtor knows this when they start working.  Asking a realtor to lower their commission is like asking them not to work as hard for you.  Everyone needs to get paid for the work they do. If there is no commission or a low commission being paid expect that to reflect in the work that is being done for you.


Real Estate can be a fast moving game. Your Realtor is there to be sure you understand the process, protect our interests and make you aware and comfortable with the steps needed to buy or sell your property.  If you are ready to buy be sure you have done your homework. Have your banker or mortgage broker working for you so you know your limits and budget.  Deposits are required when buying a home.  Be sure you have access to the funds quickly.  Not having the availability of funds can affect your chances of having your offer accepted or entertained.


Your Realtor should walk through all the forms and legalities of buying or selling a property. Be aware of what you are signing. Ask questions as to what the nature of your representation when you sign your Working With A Realtor form.  If you think of a question, ask it – that is what your Realtor is there for.


Nicola is a residential Realtor® in the Lower Mainland. She lives on the North Shore but has extensive knowledge of Westside, Downtown, North and West Vancouver neighbourhoods.